Thursday, August 22, 2013

Salad Nicoise: Revamped

This is what we're having for dinner tonight. It's not a traditional salad nicoise but here's what it does have.

1. Cherry tomatoes
2. Green pole beans
3. Green pepper
4. Broccoli
5. Kalamata olives
6. Tuna packed in olive oil (Please don't use the packed in water kind.  It's not nearly as good.)
7. Red onion
8. Hard boiled eggs
9. Fresh basil from my garden.
*Ingredients from Joe's Gardens
**Ingredients from my CSA.
***Ingredients from a friend of my father-in-law.  Still local though. 

All these veggies are topped with a vinaigrette that I made myself.  It's not a secret recipe.  In fact it's from Jacques Pepin.  This entire idea is from an episode on salads from Julia & Jacques:  Cooking At Home.  It took me forever to find this video but here it is.  Their version of a salad nicoise is a tiny bit different.  Mine doesn't have anchovies (Sorry, Julia.  I didn't just have something else) and I added broccoli. 

Click on this link to watch Jacques Pepin and Julia Child make this salad.  We enjoyed ours with bread from the Co-Op and a lovely dry Rose wine. 

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