Friday, September 6, 2013

Sometimes it's the little things.

Finn at Boomers having a milkshake.
Life gets busy and sometimes living locally is done in a few very simple ways in our family.  It doesn't have to be complicated, just fun and local.  Yesterday was my oldest sons first day of school. My youngest was a bit bummed that he didn't get to go so I decided that we would have a simple morning of fun.  

First we went to Joe's Gardens to pick up extra fruit and veggies and then it was off to the library to check out books, play, and read.  Finally, we ended our morning with an early lunch at Boomers. 

Now I know this doesn't sound like it's that impressive but you know what?  Sometimes it's the little things.  I could have gone anywhere for a milkshake for Finn and I could have gone to Fred Meyer or Target for fruit and veggies but I didn't.  This is an example of how we make living local a part of our daily life.  It's how we connect as a community and by taking my son along I am sending the message that these are our priorities.  It's the little ways in which we choose to live locally that add up to big impacts for our community.  Today I am documenting just that.
What do you do that's simple but local.  How do you impact your community in small ways?

Library books with a new tote that we purchased there.  It's really durable and only $5!

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