Monday, June 17, 2013

Huevos Rancheros with Local Black Beans and Red Pepper

I used a recipe I got with Acme Farms and Kitchen and adapted it a bit. The black beans are from Haricot Farms and the eggs from my son's preschool. I added red pepper to this recipe and used up some homemade leftover red sauce. Sometimes being local means more than just local ingredients. It also means using what you have available in your own local kitchen.

The best part about making this was the fact that I was missing a few important ingredients.  We have a Haggen (local Bellingham grocer) near us and I biked myself and my son with a trailer to the store to pick up the red pepper and cilantro.  We have a nice non-profit called SmartTrips that allows participants in the Whatcom County area to calculate any trips made without using your car.  You can make a smart trip using the bus, a bicycle, your feet or carpool.  It's a nice site because you can calculate total miles used but also how many calories burned and also various other environmental benefits of keeping your car off the road.  After 10 trips you get a SmartTrip card that gives discounts at local participating businesses.  Every year my husband and I compete to see who gets their card first.  He bikes to work about 2/3 of the year so he usually wins.  Either way, we are sending a good message to our family, our environment, and making a connecting with local businesses. 
I love this town!

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