Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kids Northwest: The only place we go for shoes, boots and sandals.

Here is Mike Hodgin helping Finn find just the right fit for his Tevas.

It's summertime and naturally my boys need new sandals.  So off we went to our local kids merchandise outfitter, Kids Northwest

We've been buying shoes, boots and sandals (and various other children's toys and clothes) here since our oldest Ross was born 8 years ago.  Why?  Because they have quality merchandise at fair prices and they are passionate about children's gear.  In reality I can choose to buy shoes anywhere, but I go to Kids Northwest because I know I will always come home with shoes that will last and fit my boys well.  This doesn't happen when you purchase shoes online.  You get ill fitting shoes and since there's no accountability the quality is hit and miss, even if the brand stays the same.  And returning anything online is a big pain in the youknowwhat.
Mike and Janet Hodgin are the owners of this store.  They are wonderful people and they know everything there is to know about children's shoes/boots/sandals.  My boys are weeds and they grow out of everything.  FAST!  So getting the proper fit is not only essential, it prevents me from wasting money and waste is my pet peeve.

When I was growing up my mom used to take my sister and I to this really cool local children's clothing and shoe store in Tacoma, WA.  I remember that store fondly.  All the people who worked there knew us by name and my mom refused to buy shoes anywhere else.  My mom would claim that when she bought shoes at other stores the fit was never quite right.  I never really understood what she was referring to but now I do.  You see the shoes were the same at all the other stores, but the people fitting us in our local store knew how to do it properly.  Mike and Janet know how to fit children properly.  They know that each piece of footwear has to have just enough room to grow, while maintaining a fit that doesn't allow the shoes to go flopping all over the place.  Kids and parents hate that and shoes are important.  Very important.
Mike and Janet are two of the first businesses owners I met when I first moved to Bellingham.  They were kind and considerate and allowed me to ramble on and on about being new in town and the challenges of raising children.  I will forever be grateful to them for welcoming me into this community.  Someday I will be very sad when my boys outgrow their store.  However, the values they instill will linger. 
  • Kindness
  • Knowledge
  • Quality
Kids Northwest.  Thanks for keeping us happy today and for many years to come. 
Yay for Summer.  Our new Tevas. 

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